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Tragedy in the Backseat

Not another one; are the words I would imagine run through everyone’s mind when we hear the headlines. Another baby left to die in a hot car. I feel sick when I hear these stories and we are hearing them way too often. It’s every parents worst nightmare and though every parent says it will never happen to them, it continues to happen all over the country. Why is this happening? It’s the first question to ask. Has our society become too self involved? Are parents more stressed out and spread to thin? We could probably ask 100 questions and yet no one will have the answer. In almost all hot car deaths, they are not the result of malicious intent. As summer weather reaches its peak, government agencies begin to warn families about the dangers of leaving children in hot vehicles. Each year, dozens of little ones die in parked cars, where temperatures can rise rapidly even on cool days. On average, 37 kids die in overheated vehicles each year in the U.S. This number is way too high, when most of the deaths are preventable. We want to remind people of some ways to prevent these terrible situations from happening. If you see a child alone in a car, call 911. Emergency personnel want you to call no matter what, as they would much rather respond to a false alarm than a fatality. A child’s body overheats 3-5 times faster than an adult body. If the child’s temperature reaches 107 degrees, the child will die. Look before you lock. That’s the message that needs to spread. There’s also a national campaign called “Bag in the back". It is just what it sounds like. Place a purse, backpack or something the backseat that you will need. It forces parents to check the backseat. If you have a smartphone, there are apps that can notify you as a reminder. Greater awareness of these tragedies is what is going to help prevent them from happening in the future.
· Always check the back seat
· Observe and report If you see a child alone in a car, call 911, especially on hot days.
· Be on alert if your routine changes Your risk of leaving your child behind increases.
· Place a child's item on the front seat
· Place a personal item in the back Like your phone, briefcase, or purse.
· Center the car seat It's easier to see your child.
· Set up a system with your child care Make and expect calls if your child doesn't arrive as planned.
· Discuss hot-car deaths Especially with grandparents and babysitters.


*THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CSR* by: Amy Haldorson
What is a CSR? You may see those letters at the bottom of your correspondence from your insurance agency, you may get calls from a CSR and maybe don’t realize exactly who that is. Most agencies have customer service representatives. They are basically there to help in any way they can. I didn't really know what one was until I got into the insurance business. I'm here to give you the raw, uncut version of the day in the life of a CSR. Sounds dramatic doesn't it? My day begins with a giant cup of coffee, it really is crucial to the start of the work day. Actually, the productivity of the work day depends on it. Once coffee is in hand, I can begin my morning ritual. Open email, usually 20-30 have accumulated overnight. A quick scan tells me how many can wait till later and which need immediate attention. Each day I do something called working the downloads, which means, I look in every company we carry and make sure every new document is attached to the appropriate customer. I then let the agent know so they can look them over. This usually takes a while depending on the amount of changes we have had that week. While working between emails and downloads, sprinkle in numerous phone calls. I manage almost all phone calls coming in. Some I pass off, some I handle myself. Being a CSR, you have to be able to handle numerous interruptions and still try to stay some what on task. Along with the calls, I might get a shout from the next room (Michelle) asking me to do a task or an email or text from he who should not be named (boss). These usually take precedence over anything I am working on. Sometimes my desk may look like a tornado. I like to call it organized chaos. Finally lunchtime. I can’t wait to run home, throw laundry in, make lunch for my kids, and hopefully grab something to eat. Maybe someday I can enjoy a quiet lunch in the park-what am I talking about, I’m a mom. After lunch I finish up any anything I haven't gotten to. Next thing to tackle on the list, my inbox. Usually this is filled with documents that need attention. It can be anything from sending out paperwork to clients, paying bills, or attaching to files. Again, phone calls are always coming in. Yet another shout coming from Michelle’s office. This time its just her baby kicking. I better go in there and give her more baby advice. I'm full of information and I'm sure she wants to know. Time to get back to work. I am in charge of all of the agency's social media. I post to Facebook, twitter and Instagram on a weekly basis. Also, throw our agency newsletter into the mix which we do ourselves. I may also have some other marketing project that needs to be done. Marketing is key to add to the success of the business, so we try to do all we can. A welcome distraction of a few of our customers coming throughout the day is also thrown in throughout the day. We love to visit with our customers whenever we have the chance. And it gets me away from the computer. My day is coming to a close. I still have one more important task; birthdays! We acknowledge every customers birthday either by cards or emails. I wish we could throw them all an extravagant party like we do for (she demands) Michelle. As a CSR, my job is to keep the office running smoothly. If I need to drop my work to email or fax something, that’s what I do. If he who should not be named asks me to make call, I make the call. Helping the agents in turn helps bring the best customer service to our customer and that’s our ultimate goal. Finally its quitting time……...I can’t wait to come back and do it all again tomorrow!

Cycle Safety!

Cycle Safety!
A record 46.9 million Americans are planning to head at least 50 miles from home this summer. More so this time of year, we share the road with cyclists. It is even more imperative to be cautious. You could come around a curve or over a hill and see cyclists. Along with cars being cautious, people on bicycles should also being doing their job. They also have to watch for traffic and know the appropriate hand signals. If we work together and be vigilant of everyone on the road, it really can cut down on unfortunate accidents. Bicyclists have the same responsibilities as drivers. They must obey all traffic laws the same as vehicles. If you’re passing a bicyclist, move to another lane if possible and give them plenty of room. It is important to be on the lookout for cycles at intersections and it they have to maneuver around potholes or debris on the road. Again, knowing the appropriate hand signals are key. Always be on the lookout for cyclists wherever you are!



Nothing beats chillin’ at the pool on a hot summer day. We are incredibly lucky to have nice pools to enjoy in our area. Maddock just opened an indoor pool, Rugby has had an indoor pool for years and I have fond memories of swimming lessons there. And we cannot forget about Harvey’s outdoor pool where you soak up the sun and enjoy a dip. We encourage all of our area residents to take advantage. We’ve all heard the headlines of pool accidents, and more recently ones that are hitting close to home. Pool safety is more important than ever. Whether you are in a public pool or your own pool, there are things that are a must to remember. Everyone knows there are a lot of pool drownings, but the statistics are mind blowing. Drowning is the #2 cause of accident-related deaths in children ages 14 and under. 85% of those victims were not wearing life jackets. What most don’t realize is that people tend to drown quietly and quickly. Children and adults are rarely able to call our or wave their arms. That is something to think about...a pool full of kids, you think there's so many people, someone would notice, but in a moments blink, they can go under. As a mom, that is something I play in my mind. I make my children wear life vests, even if they get teased, even if they are the only ones. They will wear them. It’s such a simple preventative tool. Sometimes adults think with lifeguards around, how can anything go wrong? 19% of children drowning deaths happen when there is a lifeguard present. Its great to have a lifeguard on duty, but we cannot expect them to watch every single child at every single moment. There are so many scary situations that can happen with pools, but you don’t need to be afraid to live and have a good time. There are preventative tips that can help make sure you are providing a safe environment. Start by securing your pool or hot tub with barriers. They should be at least 4 foot tall and self closing. Make sure they are stable enough so children cannot climb over. Its always a good idea to place a cover over the pool and having an alarm that signals pool entry. Have someone watching children at all times when they are in the pool. Keep your children within in arms length, especially if they are not strong swimmers. A child can drown in as little as 20 seconds. Once under water, their lungs fill up with water so fast, there may not be time to get to them. Living in a small community, this questions always comes up: At what age should I allow my child to go to the pool alone? The answer is not one size fits all. Every child is different as far as their maturity and their ability to swim. It is really hard to set a certain age. The advice I would give is; ask yourself, can my child take care of himself for a few hours. That includes applying sunscreen, staying hydrated and being able to fend for themselves. You should also look at their maturity level. Do they know the route and know to be cautious of unknown cars and people? Are they a strong swimmer? They may know how to swim, but are not quite strong enough. If all these answers are yes, I would feel comfortable letting my child go to the pool alone. If you are in the area this summer, please check out our local pools!

Flag Cake with Cheesecake Topping

Flag Cake with Cheesecake Topping
By Michelle Weinmann
“The perfect dessert for your 4th of July celebration!"
1 box white cake mix plus ingredients on box
1 box strawberry jello– 4oz
Strawberries and blueberries
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup sugar
1 tub whipped topping
Prepare cake in a 9X13 pan according to package directions. Cool and poke the entire cake with a fork.
Add 1 cup boiling water to the jello mixture and stir until all powder is dissolved. Stir in 1/2 cup cold water. Gently pour over cake and refrigerate 4 hours.
Mix softened cream cheese and sugar until light and fluffy. Add whipped topping. Spread over cake.
Create a blueberry rectangle in the top left corner of the cake. Cut strawberries in half and place in rows. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.

Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream
By Amy Haldorson
“Is there anything better than fresh homemade ice cream on a hot summer day?!"
This recipe is a perfect base to add any toppings or flavors.
6 egg yolks
2 cups white sugar
24 oz heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons vanilla
2 cups whole milk
Cream eggs and sugar. Then add cream and condensed milk and vanilla. Beat until well blended. Pour into an ice cream churn. Add milk to fill line. Insert dasher and pack with a layer of ice, then rock and salt and repeat until full. Its done when it wont churn anymore.

Kicking Cancer From Every Angle!

Kicking Cancer From Every Angle!
By: Michelle Weinmann
The fighters, supporters, survivors and volunteers will all be out rocking downtown Rugby and Harvey in the next couple of weeks with our local Relay for Life events. Rugby’s event is June 1st and Harvey’s is June 15th. The fight for cancer has been near to my heart since finding out my mother had cancer 12 years ago. But, she is a survivor and we continue to fight and support those around us who are continuing the battle or have fought and passed, like my uncle who we lost much too young. Relay for Life is a team effort that began in 1985 as a way to raise funds for American Cancer Society and brings the community together in a unified effort to fight cancer and raises awareness of the journey patients face as they fight the disease. Luminaries decorated and featuring the names of loves ones who have lost their battle with cancer, as well as survivors, are displayed on the walking path. The event is free to the public and family friendly. We want those involved; our volunteers, survivors, sponsors, everyone, to know by coming together and educating ourselves as a community we can help make great strides against this disease that in some way has touched us all. Our fundraising efforts are crucial to continue research efforts to find a cure as well as providing much needed services, such as rides to and from treatment and places for out of town patients to stay without financial burden, to those currently fighting for their lives in our community. In Harvey, our event is a Tri-County Relay event. We start out with our Community Meal (free-will donation) from 5:00-6:30 pm at the Armory. We will also have some games going, music, our Relay Store, silent auction bidding, selling of Luminaries, and team registration and team campsites set up. After the meal at 6:30 is the opening ceremonies. The Survivor Lap, Caregiver Lap and release of balloons is right at 7 pm. This year we are doing something a little different—we are having a Little Miss Relay Pageant. This is going to be a lot of fun for the little girls! They can dress up, get their nails painted by the cheerleaders, have a little program and get a tiara. We also have a new event this year—a wine-tasting at 8:30 along with some more games that I will be helping with. Some of the fun we have planned include a Cake Walk—which we are looking for donations of cakes. If you want to help, please let Michelle Weinmann know. It’s a great way to get involved. Also we will be doing Bed Races! This is with hospital beds with wheels. We are looking for teams to register and there will be prizes for Best time and Best décor. Yes, you will want to decorate your teams bed if you are able. Other fun activities going on will be a watermelon eating contest, frozen T-shirt contest and a kid friendly Scavenger Hunt. Prizes will be awarded! At 10 pm is our Lighting of Luminaries and at 10:30 is our Luminaria Ceremony or “Reading of Names". If you have been to a past event, you will remember seeing all the bags lit honoring or memorializing those that have survived or fought and passed because of cancer. The bags will be sold at the relay and around town prior to the Relay. We have them available here at the agency in Harvey. They are $5 or whatever you would like to donate. You can buy as many bags as you would like. The final lap and ceremony concludes at 12 am. We hope to see everyone out supporting our community and continuing the fight!

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight
Nuline Insurance is expanding again, which means gaining another great employee! Say hello to Burton Kelly! Burt will be located in our new Maddock office, which is located in the Business & Technology Center in downtown Maddock.
Let us tell you a little bit about Burt. He grew up in Circle, MT and grew up farming with his large family. Burt is one of eleven children. After graduating from Circle, Burt then served our country by joining the United States Marine Corp.
After his time served in the Marines, Burt moved to Benson County and married wife, Bonnie. Together they have three children, two of which graduated from Harvey High School. Burt started his insurance career in 1997 and was an agent for Nodak Mutual Insurance for 13 years. NuLine recently opened an office in Maddock, ND, in which Burt will be located. Burt said the best thing about the insurance business is the rewarding feeling of helping our customers. When he is not working, Burt helps the community in other ways. He is no stranger to work and is always willing to jump right in and help fellow farmers. He always enjoyed farming and won’t think twice about helping anyone out. Burt also is an assistant coach for Harvey’s Little Stingers youth football program. He can usually be “heard" from the sidelines helping shape the young boys of our community. Burt also likes to relax by socializing with friends on the weekend.
Burt brings many skills to our agency, but most of all his big heart. He always puts the customer first and that is a quality we look for in our employees. Please help us welcome Burt to our team! We are so happy to have him aboard!

Hello Maddock!

NuLine Insurance is always evolving and changing, and in an effort to bring our local communities better products and services, we have recently expanded to Maddock, ND. Our 3rd office opened this May! Our office is located in Maddock’s Business and Technology Center. NuLine would like to welcome all of Maddock and the surrounding area to stop down, say hello and check out our new office. The new location will allow us to expand our insurance base and offer the existing Maddock area customers the same great service we currently provide. This would include our advanced technology systems and means of communication, like web and social media. Being an Independent Agency, we are able to give area residents additional options and choices when it comes to their insurance needs. Sometimes in a small town there are not many options and in order to have variety, it requires going further, whether it be out of town or online. We can help take the hassle out of shopping around as we represent many different carriers and do all lines of insurance. Our staff and team are thrilled to be a part of this venture, which includes our management and administrative staff, licensed agents, and CSR’s (customer services representatives). We especially look forward to having an active role in the community activities. With NuLine starting out in Harvey in 1966, and then adding our Rugby office, we have been built on being community minded and are always willing to help out in any way we can. Our entire team at NuLine are rural people that come from an agricultural background. We know how important it is to be involved and to keep the smaller communities thriving. We are also excited about some of the changes we have made to the new office. We have started with new paint, flooring, furniture and décor. With the fresh new look and being located in such a nice, professional business center, we are thrilled for this opportunity.


It’s Graduation time and we wanted to have a little fun with some of our area seniors! Check out their interesting Q & A:

  • If you could have any super power in High School, what would it be?
  • What high level job do you think you could lie your way into without being noticed?
  • What childish thing do you still like to do?
  • What one thing is society doing now that we will look at in 20 years and laugh at?
  • Finish this sentence.. (I/name) am/is most likely to…………
  • What good tip would you give people on how to stop texting and driving?

Kevin Friedt(HHS)

  1. Super Speed.
  2. Pilot-I've lived by an airport all my life.
  3. Watch cartoons.
  4. Donald Trumps tweets.
  5. Become a successful business man.
  6. Put your phone out of reach.

Tatiana Friese (HHS)

  1. Have the ability to hack computers and change my grades or have a mega mind to ace my classes.
  2. I could lie my way up to be a secret agent since the whole job consists of lying.
  3. Climb trees and explore outdoors.
  4. That we actually drove ourselves around.
  5. Lindsey English is most likely to win a noble prize, but still be late to pick up her award.
  6. If you have an I-phone you are in luck since you can just turn on the “car" button and it will stop all messages to you until you stop driving unless it’s a noted emergency. It notifies them that you are driving and you will get back to them later. Or you could lock your phone in a box and chains and throw it in the trunk.

Madison Uhlenkamp (RHS)

  1. To know all the answers to assignments and tests.
  2. CIA.
  3. Watch Hannah Montana and High School Musical.
  4. Wait in a check out line in stores.
  5. Become a millionaire with my money saving skills.
  6. When you text and drive you aren't just putting your life in danger, but people also on the road.

Landen Foster (RHS)

  1. Super power to fly.
  2. The Principal.
  3. Biting my fingernails.
  4. Do homework on paper.
  5. Become a coach.
  6. Turn your phone off when you get behind the wheel.

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