Claim Corner

There's nothing more frustrating then a slow driver when you are trying to get to your destination. Springtime in North Dakota is the worst for slow vehicles because of the amount of farm equipment and anhydrous tanks being pulled on the highways. Farmers must drive slow and carefully when pulling nurse tanks because of safety reasons. There have been many reports of vehicles hitting anhydrous tanks on the roads. There was recently a report of a vehicle unknowingly pulling out in front of a truck pulling dual tanks. The driver of the tanks swerved to avoid the crash and it resulted in the tanks overturning. Aside from the chemical spill, there were no injuries. If you cause a crash or spill by reckless driving or hitting tanks, you may be liable to cover the costs of a chemical cleanup. It’s a good idea to make sure know your medical liability limits if you should cause harm to another individual or yourself if there is a crash. There are also certain steps you can take to ensure your safety if you are the one pulling tanks as many farmers do in our area. The use of a safety clip on the hitch pin when towing anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks on and off the road is essential to your safety and that of the public. The safety clip will keep the hitch pin from working out and releasing the nurse tank. Always attach safety chains when towing anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks on public roads. Take sufficient time to park the nurse tank close to the source tanks. This will reduce the chances of potential spills leading to accidents. In our farming communities, it is important that we are always alert and sensitive to the fact that certain equipment have to be driven slow to ensure the safety of everyone around them as well as themselves. If you are a bystander and come upon an accident with an anhydrous tank, take EXTREME caution. These can be very dangerous and deadly. The spill can go for miles and affect your health severely. Immediately call 911 and stay back!