Naughty or Nice

Parents read only! I'm sure there are not a lot a children sitting down with a cup of coffee reading the newsletter each morning, but just in case, you have been warned. Parents, lets all talk about our favorite Christmas time activity. You guessed it, elf on the shelf. If you haven't heard of it, it is a magical elf sent from Santa each Christmas to visit your children. You, I mean, the elf, moves around each night to surprise the children each day, either with a treat or a funny prank. What's not to love, its not like we need sleep right? Our home has an elf and we have had it for many years. What's this have to do with insurance you may ask? Well, ELVES ARE A LIABILTY. Ok, let me explain. One year in the middle of the night, as many nights, I realized the elf hadn't been moved. With one eye open and cranky, I got up and tried to find a fun place that I hadn't thought of for 10 years. This was getting tricky. Well, it was going to have to be the Christmas tree again. The elf had only hid there 100 times, but I'm too tired to care. Sticking him in the tree, I managed to loose my balance and actually fell into the tree. Thank god I procrastinate on buying gifts, otherwise I would fell on some. I only broke a few ornaments, but it could have been worse. Does insurance cover magical creatures from the North Pole? Or what about the time I accidently dropped the elf into the toilet? I was making him look like he was fishing, well now he was swimming. One accidental flush and it would be all over. Long story short people, the elf is a liability! With all of that being said, we really have grown quite attached to our elf. NuLine is also about to get elfed…….
*For the month of December watch out! The NuLine elf can be anywhere, even in your front yard or possibly your business. If you see him, snap a picture of what you guys are doing together and post to our NuLine Facebook page! Hopefully he's not as mischievous as our elf!*