Schools out for summer -Schools out for ever!

For some, this may be a true statement. Graduation is a celebration of moving on to the next chapter in your life, whatever that may be. When preparing for an open house, you need to ask yourself a few questions.
What if your teen asks you to supply booze? What if there’s an accident on your property? What if someone drives drunk? Can you be held responsible? Party hosts should make sure they have adequate homeowners insurance to cover any injury sustained by a guest. Some things to look for on your homeowners policy; liability coverage may help pay for medical bills as a result of injury. It may also help cover the cost of a settlement against you. A personal umbrella policy, which is optional, may help provide greater liability. No one wishes for an accident to occur at their residence, but it always a good idea to be prepared and knowledgeable about what your home policy does cover. Below are some additional tips to keep handy.
1. Lock up all valuables like jewelry, money, firearms, electronics, prescription medications, keys, and your pets (even well behaved ones).
2. Require all guests to sign in to a guestbook.
3. Limit the number of guests in the home at one time/close off rooms.
4. Do a walk through for any items that could be tripped over or cause liability issues to arise inside & out. (ie. Landscaping, loose rails)