*THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CSR* by: Amy Haldorson
What is a CSR? You may see those letters at the bottom of your correspondence from your insurance agency, you may get calls from a CSR and maybe don’t realize exactly who that is. Most agencies have customer service representatives. They are basically there to help in any way they can. I didn't really know what one was until I got into the insurance business. I'm here to give you the raw, uncut version of the day in the life of a CSR. Sounds dramatic doesn't it? My day begins with a giant cup of coffee, it really is crucial to the start of the work day. Actually, the productivity of the work day depends on it. Once coffee is in hand, I can begin my morning ritual. Open email, usually 20-30 have accumulated overnight. A quick scan tells me how many can wait till later and which need immediate attention. Each day I do something called working the downloads, which means, I look in every company we carry and make sure every new document is attached to the appropriate customer. I then let the agent know so they can look them over. This usually takes a while depending on the amount of changes we have had that week. While working between emails and downloads, sprinkle in numerous phone calls. I manage almost all phone calls coming in. Some I pass off, some I handle myself. Being a CSR, you have to be able to handle numerous interruptions and still try to stay some what on task. Along with the calls, I might get a shout from the next room (Michelle) asking me to do a task or an email or text from he who should not be named (boss). These usually take precedence over anything I am working on. Sometimes my desk may look like a tornado. I like to call it organized chaos. Finally lunchtime. I can’t wait to run home, throw laundry in, make lunch for my kids, and hopefully grab something to eat. Maybe someday I can enjoy a quiet lunch in the park-what am I talking about, I’m a mom. After lunch I finish up any anything I haven't gotten to. Next thing to tackle on the list, my inbox. Usually this is filled with documents that need attention. It can be anything from sending out paperwork to clients, paying bills, or attaching to files. Again, phone calls are always coming in. Yet another shout coming from Michelle’s office. This time its just her baby kicking. I better go in there and give her more baby advice. I'm full of information and I'm sure she wants to know. Time to get back to work. I am in charge of all of the agency's social media. I post to Facebook, twitter and Instagram on a weekly basis. Also, throw our agency newsletter into the mix which we do ourselves. I may also have some other marketing project that needs to be done. Marketing is key to add to the success of the business, so we try to do all we can. A welcome distraction of a few of our customers coming throughout the day is also thrown in throughout the day. We love to visit with our customers whenever we have the chance. And it gets me away from the computer. My day is coming to a close. I still have one more important task; birthdays! We acknowledge every customers birthday either by cards or emails. I wish we could throw them all an extravagant party like we do for (she demands) Michelle. As a CSR, my job is to keep the office running smoothly. If I need to drop my work to email or fax something, that’s what I do. If he who should not be named asks me to make call, I make the call. Helping the agents in turn helps bring the best customer service to our customer and that’s our ultimate goal. Finally its quitting time……...I can’t wait to come back and do it all again tomorrow!