The Learning Circle aka TLC

The Learning Circle aka TLC
“It takes a big heart, to shape little minds"
By: Amy Haldorson
Shaping little minds is exactly what daycare providers do. When us parents are working or away, we rely on providers to love our children unconditionally. We are very fortunate to have many terrific ones in our small towns and now we can add even more to Harvey. As of June 1st, Harvey will have its first independent daycare facility. The project has been in the works for years, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Daycare has always been a sought after service in our small town and a building of this caliber will help tremendously. The Learning Circle is currently looking for their Director. The plan for them is to open as a group 30 facility and then expand into a center in the near future. They will soon be having an open house so families can have a chance to enroll and meet the owners, Joe and Bridget McGuire. The construction on the daycare center is coming to a close, which will allow for parents to come and tour the facility. The Learning Circle has other locations in North Dakota, which are very successful and we are so excited for them to be a part of our community. You can check out their Facebook page, The Learning Circle—Harvey, for updates on the progress and status of the opening.
We suppose you are wondering how talking about daycare pertains to insurance. Have you ever wondered if you are covered when you are babysitting someone's kids? What if an accident were to happen? Who would be liable? These are some questions to think about if you are watching someone's kids or are thinking about getting into the daycare business. Most carriers will provide Liability and Medical Payments coverage for regular babysitting in your home with a limit of 5 children or less, that are not your own. You will want to call your agent or carrier to find out if this is allowed. By this, we are referring to the “regular" babysitting or daycare of others, not the “once in a while" babysitting job. Daycare of 5 children or less is usually added to your policy as an endorsement and for a price, depending on the current liability limits on your homeowner’s insurance. Rates can range approximately $50-100 per year for this, depending on the policy. If you regularly care for more than 5 children, other than your own, it may be unacceptable to the insurance company and you could be denied coverage. Or, what if your teenager is babysitting at the neighbors and causes damages to their home or the child has an accident. Your homeowner’s policy may pay for property damage caused by your child at another parents home. Feel free to call us here at the agency to review your coverages and limits and ask questions.

Pictured are:
The Learning Circle’s Owners—The McGuire’s from West Fargo!
Joe, Bridget, Abigail (15), Mason (12) and Bruiser (the pup).
They are beyond excited to be in Harvey and are looking forward to meeting all the local faces.