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Be Careful Where You Charge

Cell phone chargers need space to breathe because they warm up and can possibly overheat while in use.

Here are some tips make sure your phone or charger doesn't create a fire hazard:

  1. Keep an eye on your phone while it’s charging. Its not a good idea to charge while you are sleeping.

  1. Do not charge your cell phone under your pillow or on your bed.

  1. Do not overcharge your cell phone. The battery can get too warm and create a fire hazard.

  1. Only use proper chargers and cords to charge your electronic device, because cheap off brands have a higher chance of overheating.

  1. Use a power strip with surge protection when charging. This will ensure that your device is kept safe.

October Is Fire Prevention Month


I had the chance to catch up with our Rugby Fire Chief, Dave Schneibel to ask him a few questions about our local Fire Department.

Q. How many volunteer firefighters do you have in the department? A. 35 men and 1 female

Q. How many fire trucks does the Rugby Fire Dept. have? A. 9

Q. What is the most important hand held tool that the Rugby Fire Department has?

A. Thermal Image Camera (they allow firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers. Thermal imaging cameras are typically handheld, but may be helmet-mounted. Thermal imaging cameras pick up body heat, and they are normally used in cases where people are trapped where rescuers cannot find them.)

B. Q. How many years have you been a part of the department? A. 14

C. Q. Do you think most kids know how to properly operate a fire extinguisher. A. Yes

Q. If there was a small fire in your house, would you feel comfortable putting it out? A. Yes

Q. How fast have you ever driven to a fire? A. 40 mph

Q. What is some advice that you have for young adults who are just moving into new homes?

A. Have proper smoke detectors and make sure all exits are cleared.

Q. What is more important, having smoke detectors or an escape plan? A. Smoke detectors

Q. How many fires have you been to? A. About 300

Q. How fast do your trucks pump water? A. 1,250 gallons per minute

Q. Can you briefly describe your most intense fire call? A. It was a shop fire with chemicals and fuel.

Agent Spotlight - Michelle (Roerick) Weinmann

This month’s agent Spotlight is designated to Michelle (Roerick) Weinmann. Michelle came to the agency in May of 2013, when we were still doing business as Harvey Insurance Agency. She has been a part of several agency changes in the past few years including a name change, adding a 2nd location in Rugby, incorporating an Agency Management System, instituting our website and social media program, hiring new staff members and getting the new offices up and running.

Michelle grew up on a farm north of Harvey. After graduating from HHS, she moved to Minneapolis where she attended college and worked on her career as a Mortgage Loan officer and Realtor. After nearly 12 years living in Minneapolis, she was presented with a position as Branch Manager of Citi Financial in Minot. Michelle thought it would be awesome to be closer to home so she could see her parents and siblings more! Although Michelle enjoyed working and living in Minot, she eventually was offered a job working at the agency and decided to accept and obtained her Insurance license and also received the designation of CPIA.

One of the best parts of Michelle’s job is interacting with each customer. They are all unique and have different needs and situations. Michelle believes in building lasting relationships with her clients to where they know they can trust and count on her and the agency to be honest and reliable, and to give them the best service possible. It is also exciting being back in a small town and getting the business involved in community happenings and doing special things to help grow the area and keep it alive.

When she moved back to Harvey, she got together with her now husband Matt, and they recently got married on the beach in Florida! In her spare time she likes to catch fish, polish up her golfing skills, garden and go on travel adventures with Matt. (she is also a life-long Young and the Restless fan like her co-worker Amy—ha!)

By Kevin Friedt

By Kevin Friedt

Ever wonder what it would be like for your house to burn down? I got to find out first hand when I interviewed one of our agent’s aunt, Marilyn. I asked her to tell me about the day her family’s home ended in a total loss.
In the early morning of Wednesday July 14, 2010, there was a bad lightening storm in Fargo near her home. It had unknowingly struck her house! She had been home all day and everything seemed normal. At 5:45p.m. she left to go watch a baseball game. Shortly thereafter the house went up in flames. Her husband Rusty called her at the game and said the house is on fire and Jingles (their dog) didn’t make it. Luckily all 3 boys were at camp. The fire worked its way through the electrical wiring and festered up in the basement sauna room. The fire had destroyed everything that she had. Marilyn and her family had to live in a hotel and then a temporary house for almost a year while their house was being rebuilt. Marilyn said, “This was a very hard time for my family and myself." There were a lot of tears shed!

Her advice is to accept help from others, even if you think you can make it through yourself. She reminds us to stay positive even when things aren't going right in our lives. “Devastating events like this can be very hard on people," says Marilyn, “and it’s important to let others help, even in small ways."

We asked her what she does differently now. Marilyn keeps all of her pictures backed up onto jump drives and keeps these in a fire-proof safe that they purchased after the fire. She also keeps important papers, documents, and other valuables in the safe. Marilyn checks and replaces batteries in her fire alarms yearly and has an extinguisher in every room.

The basement of the house was filled with so many collectibles, including personally signed guitars by country and rock singers, Hall of Fame footballs, etc. Could you imagine losing all this? These items are irreplaceable and were not covered for their true value by insurance. They would have needed to be “scheduled" on the insurance policy. Marilyn would say now she is more conservative realizing that her family is more important than any material possessions.

She is glad just to have a roof over her head. Her 3 sons joked that, “Hey, at least we got a brand new house out of it!". Now the house is all up to code with new wiring, plumbing, furnace, etc. She says she can live without all the items that she lost, but some things really hurt.
She was pleased with her insurance company, as they covered a lot more than she thought it would! Her advice to others that may be going through similar situations is to keep records of everything, make copies of photos, and to stay positive by knowing that others are thinking about you! Remember this October to stay safe, check for fire hazards, and most importantly, spend time with what is most valuable, your family!

French Cream Style Corn Recipe

“Each fall I fill up my freezer. We have fresh corn all year!" All you have to do is warm it up! - By Michelle’s Grandma Irene
14 cups of raw corn kernels
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
1 Cup butter
1 C. Carnation Milk
First you need to find a farmer who has extra corn for the picking. Make sure you don’t wear flip flops like we did. You will need to bring some boxes for the corn, and some bags to hold it as you are picking it. Make sure you watch out so you don’t get lost as it is easy to get yourself turned around in there. Also don’t scare your friend by telling her you just saw a raccoon. Ha!
Husk and clean corn on the cob. Cut corn off all the cobs. Boil top 3 ingredients together for 15 minutes. Watch careful as it burns easy. Add milk and butter. Stir well and cool. Ladle corn and a little juice into freezer bags. Lay bags on a baking sheet and freeze until firm. Thaw before using.

Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

When you think fall cleaning, gutters come to mind. That pesky job that no one likes. We reached out to one of our insurance companies to find out the most outrageous claim they had. Wow was it a doozy! One homeowner, as many do, had the problems with ice damns causing build-up in their gutters. Each year they tried to figure out how to get the ice to melt without waiting till spring. They came up with the idea to melt it super fast with a blowtorch. Needless to say, the plan backfired. One partially-burned attic and $80,000 in damage later, they were re-thinking that idea! After that, they hired a professional to remove the ice buildup.

Don’t forget to clean your gutters out this fall—it could prevent disaster!

Employee Spotlight: Amy Haldorson

It’s been almost a year since we added Amy Haldorson to our team. Amy has been a tremendous asset to our team and works out of our Harvey office. Amy has a variety of areas that she is responsible for at the agency. Her main responsibilities are that of a CSR (customer service representative). This work includes mainly dealing with our customers throughout the day. She assists our agents by answering customer questions, making changes to their policies, processing the mail, billing, ordering and also the agency marketing. She came to us in November with an extensive background in customer service. Although insurance is new to her, working with customers is not. Amy grew up on a farm in Esmond. She went to school there until it closed, and then started in Harvey. After high school, Amy graduated from MSU for business administration and went on to become an optician for 11 years. After her stint working for an optometrist, she worked at an investment agency and is now with us and we couldn't be happier. She married a Harvey native and they have four children; Alexa (14), Ava(10), Ian (7) and Olivia (5). When she is not working, she is taking her children to their various sporting and social events. In her spare time, which isn't much, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to concerts and catching up on the Young and the Restless (which she has been watching since she was 2). We are so grateful to have her as part of the NuLine Team!

Life Insurance Is a Gift of Love

Have you ever considered buying life insurance for someone as a gift? Do you know those kids that seem to have everything, why not give them some protection?
Life Insurance is a gift of love.
Let’s talk a little about Whole Life vs Term Life. Term Life is not available from carriers for minor children when issued to the child, due to them being a minor. Whole Life policies are readily found for minor children. These type of policies require the owner of the policy to continue to make premium payments during the life of the insured. They are good to build and protect ones investment. Because the likelihood of a child dying prematurely is so remote, you can generally purchase a whole life insurance policy on them for just a few dollars per month. Yes, term life insurance will be even less expensive, but at these prices the non-insurance benefits of whole life become more valuable. Term insurance that expires in 20 years will be worthless. Whole life will continue to accumulate benefits for life. Term Life Insurance for those that are over 18 years old are low cost and do provide for some early in adult life protection. 30 years of age begins the breakpoint for most carriers to really be competitive in the rates. This is when most people begin to start a family and begin to accumulate assets and liabilities.
See these illustrations below for an idea on the costs associated with each different type of policy. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, give us a call to learn more.

Whole Life Insurance:
Age 1 / Female / ND / $50,000 coverage = $227 ~ Annual premium—Simplified Issue
Age 17/ Female/ ND/ $50,000 coverage = $202 ~ Annual premium– Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
Age 18 / Female / ND / $100,000 coverage = $347 ~ Annual premium—Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

Term Life Insurance:
Age 18 / Female / ND / $100,000 coverage = $105 ~ Annual premium—10 Year Term
Age 18 / Female / ND / $100,000 coverage = $106 ~ Annual premium—20 Year Term
Age 18 / Female / ND / $100,000 coverage = $113 ~ Annual premium—30 Year Term

A Story About Life Insurance

By Amy Haldorson
People tend to not want to think about life insurance and the future for two reasons; its too painful to think of a loved one passing, or they simply think they have plenty of time. I used to think the same way, why do I need life insurance now, I'm too young. Well, my opinion on that matter quickly changed when I saw what happened to one of our insured.
We had an older couple, they lived alone, no children, who got by just fine on their own. They farmed just enough to get by. Unfortunately the wife passed away. Mr. B. we will call him, came into our office very distraught. He was lost without his wife and he had no idea how he was going to give her a proper funeral. He somehow managed to do so, begging the funeral home to help him, and it took all the money they had in savings. Mr. B was barely getting by at this point. He ended up getting into an accident, but did not have enough money for the deductible. His car had to sit unfixed. We watched him for weeks feeling so bad because he hardly had enough money for even his necessities.
A few months went by where we did not see our friend, Mr. B. One day I heard the bell on the office door, a gentleman walked in.
The first thing I saw, a cowboy hat sitting tall on his head with a gold plated B right on the front. He stood there with a smile on his face, dressed in a crisp white suit. “Mr. B? Is that you?" I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the frail man I remembered was gone and a much healthier and happier man stood in front of me. My response was, “Mr. B, first of all, are those real snakeskin boots?" “And, wow, things must really be going better for you?!" Mr. B told us yes indeed, his luck had changed. He had come to add a vehicle on his auto policy. We were confused because he could barely afford the insurance on the car he currently had. He said, “look out the window at my new beauty." In the lot stood a white 2017 Lincoln Town car. Mr. B went on to tell us that a few months after his wife’s passing, he found out that his wife had taken out two life insurance policies 35 years ago.
We truly believe those life insurance policies saved this man’s life and it really made all of us think. It may be hard to think of the future, but you really should look at it as a loving thing to do for your family. You wouldn't want your loved one to have to struggle to provide after you are gone. Mr. B was in a terrible place financially, and emotionally. What his wife did for him was amazing, she gave him the best final years he could have, even though she was not here any longer. We saw first hand how life insurance really can change a life.

Energy Balls Recipe

“I made these for my son’s hockey team and they kept asking for more!"

1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup ground flax
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
Mix all together in little balls. They are awesome frozen too!

These energy balls are a great snack for kids or adults as they are full of protein and fiber. You can also add substitutes like dried fruit or nuts. The best part is they are made with all natural ingredients.