Fork 2 Field
By: McKenzie Blumhagen
Debbie Richards overheard some wives at church talking about how tricky it can be to feed the crowds, attend the games, get everyone where they need to be on time, help in the field, you know – live the farm wife life. Debbie was overwhelmed listening to everything the women were sharing and decided, you know, I am going to help. Forego, welcome Fork 2 Field to the Harvey area! This food truck is saving the day this Harvest Season. This wonderful food truck will deliver meals with a mileage fee and their radius has to be within 17 miles of Harvey. In order to deliver, you just share a pin to your location so they can find the correct field. Only Midwesterners would be directing meals to fields, am I right? If you have a driver going to the elevator in Harvey or someone picking up the meals you can call meals ahead and they will have them packed and ready for you! Last minute orders are welcomed. Debbie is so wonderful, if you don’t know her, you should. She is quite an entertainer on top of a problem solver! Their first full week began on August 21st. Fork 2 Field will always be closed Thursdays & Sundays. Menus are posted on Facebook (Find Fork 2 Field) the Wednesday before the next week. Their hours are 11-2 PM for lunch and 3-7 PM for supper. I hope you take the time to check them out, farmer or not, we have another food option in Harvey and that is such a relief for so many of us – so let’s keep her open!