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Business Spotlight

Our February Business Spotlight is 701 Healthcare Solutions!
Have you found yourself looking for someone to assist you with your health insurance needs? We have found you a "solution!" Pictured above are April, McKenna and Tanner. McKenna (middle—Owner/Broker) found there to be a lack of a local resource for helping people with their health insurance needs. I mean, we all know how confusing the different plans are and how does one keep track of changes from year to year? It is so complex! This is FREE health insurance guidance! How can we go wrong here!? They pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and giving honest advice so you can be informed and understand your coverage. Having a local person to call when you have questions is priceless when you consider sitting on hold and talking to different representatives with the insurance companies. They work with several different Health Insurance carriers like Blue Cross, United, Sanford, Delta and Medica just to name a few. This team is here to explore the different plans for your specific needs, whether you are an individual, family or in need of a group plan. A lot of people do not understand Medicare and what they are signing up for, and these guys are here to help with that. They can also do an annual review of your prescriptions to compare the drug plans to make sure you are on the correct one. They can review family plans through the marketplace to see if you qualify for a rebate, which a lot of people aren’t aware of. Some of the other coverages offered are dental, vision, disability and long term care plans as well!
701 Healthcare Solutions is located at 24 1st St. NE, Minot ND 58703 in the 701 Realty building. McKenna and Tanner are also licensed Realtors!
You can contact them at 701-852-CARE(2273) or
They have a Website and also a Facebook page.
Give them a call today, they are informed and ready to answer your questions!

Claim Corner

The Ring Was Where?

By: Amy Streifel
Valentine’s Day is soon approaching ladies! You know what that means…..go get your nails done. You'll want them looking great for possible engagement ring pictures. So fast forward through the beautiful wonderful once in a lifetime engagement and now you have the ring. This was an insured of ours. She had a big ole rock. He husband obviously wasn't an insurance agent. Joking! Anyway, it happened at a family dinner. She has a big family and they love to get together and have big meals. The preparations had begun and there was a feast like you can’t imagine. At dinner, our insured went to grab her engagement ring, which she always took off for cooking. It was missing and she couldn't remember if she had removed it or not. The search was on. There were many hours of looking and many tears. Her fiancé, who had forgotten to add it to his insurance policy yet, was staying clear. There was only one place they hadn't looked. She ran back to the table where the food sat cold and grabbed the turkey she had prepared. She went elbow deep into that bird pulling out the innards. Stuck together in a pile of stuffing, she felt it. When she pulled it out everyone was relieved, especially the fiancé, whose first call on Monday morning was to our insurance office. People add jewelry to their insurance policies everyday, especially pieces that are of high value. Adding your jewelry not only gives you piece of mind, it’s protection for all causes of loss. Its very easy to misplace or even have your valuables stolen. We had another insured last week that lost a single diamond out of her ring. Because she had it scheduled on her homeowners policy, she was protected. The best part, generally speaking, is you can choose a separate deductible, which can be zero with many companies for your jewelry claim. Also, by scheduling it, you are not subject to the perils of the policy, so whatever happens to the ring, it is covered! Our couple got lucky in their instance because they found it. They especially got lucky because our insured joked that after the turkey she would have to go looking in some not so fun places…...

How Well Do You Know Your Contractor?

By Amy Streifel
A couple years ago, I was in desperate need of a contractor. As you may know, they are not easy to come by these days. They are generally booked out so far in advance, you have to be booking months ahead of time. I had a project I just needed to get done. It was the removal of a building and possibly putting up another in its place. Every day I sent messages and made calls to contractors, even into the neighboring states. Finally I got a bite. A gentleman from Minnesota answered my ad and could start in a week. I was beyond excited. Over the phone we didn't go into a lot of detail, but he was cheaper than anticipated and available so I hired him. I told my husband at the time and his question was, what are his qualifications. I thought about it, "well, he said he's a contractor and has lots of experience". Looking back I am kicking myself for not verifying that information. A week later, true to his word, he pulled into my yard. It should have been a red flag that he pulled up in a camper, but I didn't question it. I showed him the big barn that needed to be demolished and asked where his equipment was. He proceeded to hold up a single hammer………
He wasn't getting paid by the hour so I didn't ask any more questions. He started his work that day with his single hammer and made little progress. The next day when I questioned why he had not left my property all night, he informed me he would live in his camper in my yard until the job was done. This should have been another red flag. Feeling slightly uncomfortable but optimistic, my family just made the best of it. After a month, we joked he was part of the family. It took him a good month to take down 1/3 of the barn. I was beginning to get worried he wouldn't finish the job. A couple of times I saw him fall through floor boards. I panicked and asked to see his contract. There was no contract. That was also concerning. One day, I got home from work and our contractor was MIA. Camper was gone along with some good lumber. It was in that moment I thought about all the red flags. The barn was a mess and only partially done. My yard was a mess of lumber he had been pulling off. Thankfully I had not yet paid him. Needless to say, it was a lesson well learned. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you are entrusting someone to come into your home and to treat the job with the respect it deserves, make sure that person is reliable. And most importantly…..a real contractor.
In a typical homeowner policy, the contractor’s work is not a covered loss. Making sure your contractor is licensed and insured is very important! At NuLine we insure many contractors of all different trades so we know first hand the types of things that can happen. We did have an insured who used a contractor to put in a patio door. The contractor did not install it correctly and now there are issues of leaking and damage to flooring. Unfortunately his home policy will not cover this. He would need to go back to the contractor in this situation. It can turn costly if the contractor doesn’t have insurance and isn’t willing to make it right!
Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring a Contractor:
Þ DO: Require a contract and understand it.
Þ Don’t: Forget to ask for references in the area.
Þ Do: Only work with licensed contractors.
Þ Don’t: Rush into repairs or hire the 1st contractor that comes along.
Þ Do: Ask for a copy of their insurance.
Þ Don’t: Pay until the work is complete and you are satisfied.

I’ll be DAMNED!

By Amy Streifel
Its nearing the beginning of December and there's not much snow! A lot of us would love this weather all winter, but we know what's coming. I think back to last winter. The snowbanks were over my head. I specifically remember a time I told the kids to watch for me as I was going to brave walking around to the back of my house. No one had walked back there since fall and it was snow half way up the side of the house. As I was walking I could see my kids watching out the window. Do you know what they saw? An avalanche of snow fall off the roof right on top of me. You'd think their initial reaction would be checking my safety, but as I climbed out and into the house they were rolling on the floor laughing….Why was I behind the house you may ask? I have seen and heard too many horror stories in my time being an insurance agent of ice dams. Ice dams not taken care of can literally destroy homes and you’ll be saying more than damn if it happens to you. They occur when heavy snow buildup melts during the day and then refreezes overnight. When this happens the buildup can become very heavy. If not taken care of, they can fall off the roof, taking your gutters with them. We have seen it happen on several homes. And that’s just the damage to the outside. Unfortunately, there are many times, your ceiling and walls may be compromised. Ice builds up under the shingles and gets into the interior walls, then the walls cave in.
The good news is that ice dams are preventable. One main thing you can do is use a snow rake to get the snow off of your roof. De-icing cables are another great way to get that moisture moving through your gutters instead of freezing in them. Making sure your attic is thoroughly insulated also helps. These are just a few things to try. If you do what you can to prevent ice dams, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. Depending on your homeowners policy, the dwelling coverage may cover the cost to repair ice dam damage. That may include repairing your roof, walls and other damage to the structure of your home up to your coverage limits. However, depending on your coverage, you may have out of pocket expenses, such as the actual removal of the ice dam, or if you damaged the shingles trying to get the ice dam removed yourself. As always, this is great scenario to discuss with your insurance agent to make sure you have coverages you are comfortable with.

Western ReCreations

Do you have an old piece of furniture that needs some western flare added? Check out the work Tammy Tollefson does as a hobby! Tammy launched Western ReCreations in Churches Ferry, ND five years ago to keep her hobbies alive and now the hobby has turned into quite a list of projects that leads to some late nights in the shop! Tammy visits about 6 markets a year in North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota. They have pieces on hand but also take in custom orders. However, the list is long so if you have something in mind, better to get on the list now. You can never rush an artist if you want a true piece of art!
Some of the pieces Tammy has worked on date 100 years old and her hope is that they live on 100+ more. As she is working with a piece, she likes to think about the stories it could tell. She said, "if these pieces could talk, think of all they could tell." Throughout all the restoring they use leather, hair on leather, and Navaho blankets. They use a lot of turquoise, fringe, and buttons to give every piece its unique flare. With the wood, it is sealed with three coats of clear sealant, so the new owner has basic care requirements which is such a treat! The best way to get in touch with Tammy is through Western ReCreations Facebook page. Here are a few pieces but you will have to explore the page for more.

Recipe of the Month

Monkey Bread
McKenzie’s Grandma Sue’s Recipe
We know with Thanksgiving around the corner the sheer panic of "what to make for breakfast for everyone" when you are the host can be overwhelming . We also know you want everyone to feel treated for the holiday so here is a quick sweet breakfast that everyone will enjoy!
4 Pkg country-style Pillsbury’s Cinnamon Rolls
2/3 C. Sugar
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 stick butter
1 C. brown sugar
Instructions: Cut each biscuit in quarters. Mix the sugar and cinnamon together. Bring butter and brown sugar to a boil. Grease a bundt cake pan. Shake biscuits in a covered bowl with sugar and cinnamon mixture; place in the bundt pan. Pour boiled mixture over the top and bake at 350o for 40 minutes or until golden brown. Top with powder sugar glaze. Enjoy!


By Amy Streifel
Its scary to see fires in the headlines. Whether it’s a business or a home, fires can be devastating. For that reason alone, I have always taught my children the importance of fire safety and am very diligent of what to do in an emergency. I have a smoke detector in every room and practice fire escapes with the kids. I have also led by example when it comes to fire safety. One example a few years ago, I happened to be driving in the country when I saw a smoke ring in the distance. So, I did what every nosy person usually does, I drove towards the smoke to check out the situation. In doing so I saw from a distance there was a fire out in the middle of a field. Being the helpful person I am, I called 911 to report the fire. After I found out that it was actually a controlled burn put on by the firemen, I felt a little foolish, but it still was a teaching moment for my kids. I reiterate to my family, help whenever you can as long as you are safe. We are not risking any lives saving stuffed animals.
If you should come up to a fire what should you do? Do not do what I did by going towards it. Stay away and call for help. Know how to safely operate a fire extinguisher. This is a fun lesson I just taught my kids. The priority when discovering a fire must always be to evacuate the premises.

Recipe of the Month

Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal
1 cup pumpkin puree
2 Large eggs
1/3 cup maple syrup or honey
2 Cups rolled oats
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup chocolate chips
2 tsp pumpkin spice
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 cup milk
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease an 8x8 baking dish. In a bowl, combine oats, pumpkin pie spice, baking powder and salt. Mix to combine. Add pumpkin puree, milk, eggs, vanilla, and syrup/honey to bowl and stir. Spread into prepared baking dish and bake for 30-35 min. Oatmeal is done baking when it is puffed up on the edges, set in the middle and top is golden. Let cool for 5 min. It firms up as it cools. Store in fridge up to 4 days. You can sub nuts for the chocolate. *I like to add a drizzle of pure maple syrup or honey and cream before I dig in!

Claim Corner

In the insurance industry we like have a game we like to play called, IS IT COVERED? With insurance claims, it is not always cut and dry. You can’t and shouldn't try to predict the verdict of a claim, because the outcome will never be the same for every claim. We, as agents, cannot always tell you if your claim is covered, especially those "hypothetical’s" we get asked. That is a determination the company makes after a thorough analysis of all the facts. There is often a misconception we have the power to deny or approve a claim, when in reality we have no say. Let’s talk tires. We get asked all the time if they are covered and when. Here's a couple examples.
At the time of this particular incident, our insured was not laughing, but it was too funny not to share now. She was driving down the road. She heard a thump and fished tailed a bit before realizing her tire was airborne and heading for a nearby house. At the nearby house, a gentleman was just carrying his supper to the grill when the tire flew by and took out the grill. A few feet in difference and the tire would have injured the man instead of the hamburgers. After demolishing the grill, the tire flew into the house causing even more damage. That thing had some major speed. So, was the tire covered? The answer is unfortunately, no. The tire did not hit something and come off, the tire may have been loose or faulty in some way. Nevertheless, the grill and house were definitely covered.
Raise your hand if you have ever had a blown tire. It’s not fun. It can also be dangerous if you are going at high speeds. What many people may not know, is, unless the blown tire is a result of an accident, insurance does not cover them. A blown tire is considered wear and tear and you are responsible for making sure they are in proper condition before you drive.
As I write this, I remember a tire issue I personally had last week. A piece of cement found its way onto the highway and I hit it. IS IT COVERED??

Can we talk about the elephant in the room?

By Amy Streifel
I hear it at coffee talk. I hear it at social settings. I hear it at work. The scandal that has everyone talking….that’s right people, I'm talking about insurance rates. You about have to live under a rock to have not noticed or heard about insurance rate increases. I'm here to put your mind at ease and clear up any rumors. The worst thing you can do is misunderstand your own insurance rates by something you have heard. And PLEASE, do not compare your neighbors insurance to your own. Every policy is specialized to fit YOU. So when I hear the phase "my neighbor said", I cringe. Talk to your knowledgeable agent if you have questions on your insurance, not your neighbor. So, what's the deal with rates? It’s not all cut and dry. I review all of my clients rate increases and have to make those call on a daily basis. I wish I had the exact answer for each person, but everyone is different. There are a lot of variables that go into determining rates. Some of the factors are the carrier’s filed rates, where you live, your age, your insurance score and more. As for the rise in insurance rates across the board, a couple main reasons; car repair costs have soared and major labor shortages. Factories and trade routes are still struggling from the effects of the Covid Pandemic.
As you review your home and auto policies during the remainder of 2023, here are a few recent statistics to keep in mind:
Homeowners insurance rates continue to rise. Since 2015, the average homeowner has seen their bill for insurance rise by approximately 21% - and as much as 57% in natural disaster-prone states like Texas and Florida. The culprits? Climate change, insurance fraud, and inflation. Most experts anticipate a 9% increase this year - roughly $150 per annual policy.
Auto insurance rates climbed nearly 15% in some states over the past year, rising more than $240 on average nationwide to $2,014 per year. What’s more? Approximately 11% of drivers now pay more for their car insurance than for their car payments.
· Mitigate the increase in premiums by taking advantage of new discounts, asking your agent about telematics programs, improving your credit, and increasing policy deductibles.
NuLine is here to help! We are always very informed with the current industry trends. Remember, one of the benefits of working with us is that we have access to multiple insurance carriers and can shop around to get you the best rates!