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Business Spotlight

High Plains Cleaning & Estate Liquidators
Elizabeth & Frank let no dust settle under their feet when they made their way to Chaseley, ND. They came to us from South Dakota and firmly believe Central NoDak is the best place to be. I couldn’t agree more, personally. They have a vast range of expertise, so entrepreneurship was well becoming. These two have launched High Plains Cleaning & Liquidation and have been keeping very busy.
What does this entail? High Plains work to clean residential & commercial properties, they assist in planning and preparing for estate sales, they are Haz-mat certified, so they have aided in cleaning out properties owned by hoarders, they can help downsize or declutter, they have assisted in big projects such as painting the interior or exterior of residencies and buildings, etc. After speaking with Elizabeth, I got the impression that if you have a project and aren’t sure about it, contact them and tell them the details! It might just be a great fit. The best part is servicing Harvey, McClusky, Turtle Lake, Bowdon, Maddock, New Rockford, Carrington, Jamestown, Bismarck, Devils Lake, Minot, and surrounding rural areas! They are booking 3 weeks out for larger projects and about 1-2 weeks out for cleaning services.
You can find them on Facebook at High Plains Cleaning & Estate Liquidators OR you can give them a call at 701-625-1214.

Recipe of the Month

Sheet Pan Pancakes

"This recipe is perfect for back to school You can mix it up with different berries or chocolate chips!"
4 cups Bisquick
2 cups milk
4 eggs
Topping of your choice
8 tbsp. butter
Preheat over to 425 and generously grease a sheet pan. In a large bowl, mix the Bisquick, milk and eggs. Pour the batter onto your greased sheet pan and evenly sprinkle with the toppings of your choice. Bake in the center rack for about 15 min or until golden brown. Brush with melted butter and use a pizza cutter to cut the pancakes before serving.


A good student discount will
apply to your auto insurance!
How can you get the discount?
Just give us a copy of your child’s grades (3.0 or higher) from the last semester and you can start saving.
You can do this by having the school secretary email the agency a copy of the grades, drop them off at one of our locations, email them to us at
or take a picture and text to one of our agents
This discount alone saved one of our customers over $200 a year!
Statistics show that students that have good grades are better

Calling all College Students

Why become an insurance agent? It’s a very relaxing job….as you can clearly see! J/k. It may not actually be relaxing, but you will never be bored. Just ask our coop students, right Collin? With children heading off to college or starting to think about college, they will be picking majors and starting to think about their future. I have been trying to talk at least one of my teenagers into joining my profession. I did not go to college for insurance, nor did I think I would ever be in the insurance industry, however, it has proven to be a very interesting career. Becoming an insurance agent is not a glamorous nor adventurous job, but it can be rewarding. One of the biggest responsibilities for insurance professionals is the chance to protect individuals and families from unforeseen disasters. In some cases, you will be providing life changing protection. You know that saying...not all heroes wear capes. Joking aside, working with customers every day makes you feel like you are making a difference. Insurance agents are always in demand and there is limitless room to grow. Whether you prefer the more paperwork side of things, or more of getting out of the office and directly prospecting, this job can be pretty flexible. Let’s talk wage. Most insurance professionals are compensated with commissions or bonuses. As good as it feels to help people plan to protect what's most important to them in the event of an unforeseen disaster, that pales in comparison to the feeling you get when you get to see the fruits of your labor in action. To be a good insurance agent, you'll need to become comfortable talking about uncomfortable situations and dealing with them. Attention to detail is an absolute must. As one of our agents always says, "look for the bad!" Uncovering risks is a major part of this job. Nobody wants disaster to strike, of course. But when it does, you'll know that you did your part to enhance the lives of your clients and their loved ones.
In this job, there is always something new to be learned and new network to tap into. I'm going to keep working on trying to convince my daughters. I mean, what could be better than sharing an office with their mom!

Ready for Round Two!

By Amy Streifel
Round two is upon us. This time I feel way more prepared in moving my daughter into her dorm for her second year of college. We know what things to take and not to take. I know now not to micro manage setting up her room, because she will redo it the minute I leave anyway. We for sure know that we may have over packed a bit last time as we ended up bringing home a car load that wouldn't fit. One of the most important things to consider when settling into your new residence hall, apartment or condo is renters insurance. Why, you may ask? Students can bring thousands of dollars worth of possessions to school, from electronics to books to laptops and even furniture. Taking an inventory is a must If I have learned anything from having a college student, its that belongings mysteriously go missing a lot. I've also learned that kids sometimes come home with their roommates clothes on….I don’t ask questions. With people in and out of dorm rooms all the time, its very important to have protections for those belongings. About half of all on campus crimes involve bur-glary. Whether it’s a classroom theft, someone stealing from your dorm room or a break in at your campus apartment, the result is the same. Unless your stuff is properly insured, you’ll have to pay to replace it. There are a couple of different ways to do so. Dorm insurance is an option with come carriers as well as a renters policy. A standard renters policy includes liability and personal property coverage, and you can tailor your policy to get the coverage that your individual needs call for. And don’t forget your car! Your personal belongings are covered even if they are in your car. Your personal belongings are NOT covered under your auto insurance. Lots of students basically live in their cars, carrying electronics and other valuables with them daily. Or if you are like my kids, a pound of garbage. Check with your agent to make sure you have the right cover-ages for you!

Keep safe with these tips:
1. Lock the door!
2. Do not leave valuables lying out in the open.
3. Understand what people target.
4. Limit the valuables you bring to school
5. Lock expensive items up.

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen...but do you recall the most infamous holiday disasters of all?

By Amy Streifel
Last Christmas I tried my hand at a real Christmas tree. I knew nothing about caring for them and always wanted to try having one. How hard can it be? Turns out its easier said than done, at least for me. I usually like no maintenance and easy. I knew the risks of having a real tree, such as a fire if its not properly watered. The first week, my tree looked great. I was very vigilant on making sure the lights were turned off when we weren't there. I watered it every day without fail, but by the second week, I was over the maintenance. I ‘forgot’ to water the second week, when in reality I was testing my theory that I really didn't need to every day. By the third week my tree was still alive, but turning brown. At this point I was scared to even turn the Christmas lights on. By the fourth week, I had my artificial tree back up. Turns out real trees are not my thing. They are beautiful and I commend people who have them, but I did not have the patience. I told my children we were doing a fun little experiment when they questioned what I was doing.
Christmas tree fires are more common then you think. It can take only a matter of minutes before noxious smoke and scorching heat fill the entire room. Christmas trees are a powerful fuel source, especially when dry. The tree gives off a lot of heat energy. A blazing tree can give off as much heat as forty thousand 100-watt light bulbs. There are an estimated average of 170 home fires caused by Christmas trees every year. Most homeowners insurance policies cover fire in and around your home, including a Christmas tree fire. Real trees do not have to be scary. If you pick a fresh one, make the sure the placement is away from heat sources and water it properly there is no reason not to have one. I just may give one a try again in the future..but I'm still keeping my artificial close by.

Naughty or Nice

Parents read only! I'm sure there are not a lot a children sitting down with a cup of coffee reading the newsletter each morning, but just in case, you have been warned. Parents, lets all talk about our favorite Christmas time activity. You guessed it, elf on the shelf. If you haven't heard of it, it is a magical elf sent from Santa each Christmas to visit your children. You, I mean, the elf, moves around each night to surprise the children each day, either with a treat or a funny prank. What's not to love, its not like we need sleep right? Our home has an elf and we have had it for many years. What's this have to do with insurance you may ask? Well, ELVES ARE A LIABILTY. Ok, let me explain. One year in the middle of the night, as many nights, I realized the elf hadn't been moved. With one eye open and cranky, I got up and tried to find a fun place that I hadn't thought of for 10 years. This was getting tricky. Well, it was going to have to be the Christmas tree again. The elf had only hid there 100 times, but I'm too tired to care. Sticking him in the tree, I managed to loose my balance and actually fell into the tree. Thank god I procrastinate on buying gifts, otherwise I would fell on some. I only broke a few ornaments, but it could have been worse. Does insurance cover magical creatures from the North Pole? Or what about the time I accidently dropped the elf into the toilet? I was making him look like he was fishing, well now he was swimming. One accidental flush and it would be all over. Long story short people, the elf is a liability! With all of that being said, we really have grown quite attached to our elf. NuLine is also about to get elfed…….
*For the month of December watch out! The NuLine elf can be anywhere, even in your front yard or possibly your business. If you see him, snap a picture of what you guys are doing together and post to our NuLine Facebook page! Hopefully he's not as mischievous as our elf!*

Recipe of the Month

Avocado Toast
A lot of people don’t know what to do with Avocado’s, besides Guacamole, of course! Here is a versatile recipe that is so easy and fresh for summer! You can change it up so many ways, and it is so healthy! - Michelle
· Whole grain toast (or any bread)
· Ripe avocados
· Egg (I used fried over easy, but could use boiled, poached or scrambled)
· Seasonings—Salt and pepper, or my favorite, Everything Bagel Seasoning!
· Tomatoes (optional) - use halved cherry or sliced, you can even marinate them!
· Other optional ingredients: Bacon, Chives, micro-greens, Cholula hot sauce, feta cheese , red onion, salmon, squeeze of lime juice, etc. Feel free to make it how you like!
Instructions: Cook your egg (if using), make toast, add mashed up avocado on the toast, put egg on top, top with toppings and sprinkle with seasonings!

I’m a Barbie Girl…..

By Amy Haldorson
Does your child have a Barbie jeep or an electric bike? If you come to my house, you’ll more than likely see a couple of kids zooming around on them all over our yard. Sometimes even running over pets or their siblings. There has also been an occasional 3am Barbie car race between adults. Shhh don’t tell my kids. One particular beautiful starry night my friend and I were bored. Because, why sleep at 3am when you can drive Barbie cars around. She hopped on and the next thing you know she's zooming towards my garage door. You know how this turns out….I blamed it on the kids of course. When I asked Chad how to go about turning in the claim, he had more questions than usual…but my first thought was, am I liable for this damage? Most homeowners insurance policies now extend coverage for motorized vehicles, including Barbie Jeeps. But, there are some exceptions to this rule, so you may want to check with your insurance agent. Now, if the Barbie car had an accident off our property and hit someone else or someone's else's property, I may have been liable. Homeowner’s policies may or may not provide coverage while on the insured premises, and it less likely that polices extend coverage for these motorized vehicles beyond the property. This could leave your clients (and possibly YOU) open to a liability exposure if there were to be an accident, injury or property damaged caused by the motorized vehicle….and yes, Barbie Jeeps and electric bicycles are considered motorized vehicles. As the weather warms and those warm weather toys come out of the garage and on to the driveways….and sidewalks and streets, it is a great time to ask your talk to your insurance agent about any toys that you may have on your property.

Safety Tips for Electric Cars for Kids:
1. Inspect the car. Do a once over and make sure there are no broken or missing parts. Additionally, you should get familiar with how the toy works. Make sure there are no exposed electrical components or sharp edges.
2. Create a safe riding environment. Think about helmets and seatbelts, riding surfaces, and fences.
3. Properly maintaining the vehicles are important. The main components to keep an eye on for an electric toy car are; wheels, body and battery.
4. Cleaning and proper storage. If you want the toy to last a long time, do not keep it outside. Rain, snow, moisture and curious critters are all threats and will easily dam-age, as well as damage the battery.
5. Age and weight limits. Be sure to check out all the features and limitations of a car before buying it to ensure its age and weight are appropriate for you child.

Community Spotlight

Its Spring Time!
Time for…..pumpkins? You read that right. With help from area businesses, the Rugby Chamber and Prairie Village Museum are gearing up for Rugby’s newest project. They plan to open a pumpkin patch and corn maze near the museum in October. Let the planning begin! The pumpkin patch and corn maze will sit just to the west of the museum buildings on the museum grounds. The plan is to have it open to visitors for five weekends in October. They realize October is a long way away, but in order to make some of the purchases, they need community help now. A needed $20,000 has already been cut in half by events put on since January. In addition to the pumpkins, funds are needed for a barrel train, corn maze, and peat pots to start seeds over the large swath of land. Other items still in the idea stage include a horse-drawn wagon to transport visitors from the museum parking lot to the pumpkin patch. Local businesses have started to sponsor and will be have the opportunity to if they haven't already. All sponsors will receive recognition. It wont go unnoticed.
For more information on ways to help with the pumpkin patch, call 701-208-0539.
Let’s help make this happen!