Claim Corner

In the insurance industry we like have a game we like to play called, IS IT COVERED? With insurance claims, it is not always cut and dry. You can’t and shouldn't try to predict the verdict of a claim, because the outcome will never be the same for every claim. We, as agents, cannot always tell you if your claim is covered, especially those "hypothetical’s" we get asked. That is a determination the company makes after a thorough analysis of all the facts. There is often a misconception we have the power to deny or approve a claim, when in reality we have no say. Let’s talk tires. We get asked all the time if they are covered and when. Here's a couple examples.
At the time of this particular incident, our insured was not laughing, but it was too funny not to share now. She was driving down the road. She heard a thump and fished tailed a bit before realizing her tire was airborne and heading for a nearby house. At the nearby house, a gentleman was just carrying his supper to the grill when the tire flew by and took out the grill. A few feet in difference and the tire would have injured the man instead of the hamburgers. After demolishing the grill, the tire flew into the house causing even more damage. That thing had some major speed. So, was the tire covered? The answer is unfortunately, no. The tire did not hit something and come off, the tire may have been loose or faulty in some way. Nevertheless, the grill and house were definitely covered.
Raise your hand if you have ever had a blown tire. It’s not fun. It can also be dangerous if you are going at high speeds. What many people may not know, is, unless the blown tire is a result of an accident, insurance does not cover them. A blown tire is considered wear and tear and you are responsible for making sure they are in proper condition before you drive.
As I write this, I remember a tire issue I personally had last week. A piece of cement found its way onto the highway and I hit it. IS IT COVERED??