Claim Corner

The Ring Was Where?

By: Amy Streifel
Valentine’s Day is soon approaching ladies! You know what that means…..go get your nails done. You'll want them looking great for possible engagement ring pictures. So fast forward through the beautiful wonderful once in a lifetime engagement and now you have the ring. This was an insured of ours. She had a big ole rock. He husband obviously wasn't an insurance agent. Joking! Anyway, it happened at a family dinner. She has a big family and they love to get together and have big meals. The preparations had begun and there was a feast like you can’t imagine. At dinner, our insured went to grab her engagement ring, which she always took off for cooking. It was missing and she couldn't remember if she had removed it or not. The search was on. There were many hours of looking and many tears. Her fiancé, who had forgotten to add it to his insurance policy yet, was staying clear. There was only one place they hadn't looked. She ran back to the table where the food sat cold and grabbed the turkey she had prepared. She went elbow deep into that bird pulling out the innards. Stuck together in a pile of stuffing, she felt it. When she pulled it out everyone was relieved, especially the fiancé, whose first call on Monday morning was to our insurance office. People add jewelry to their insurance policies everyday, especially pieces that are of high value. Adding your jewelry not only gives you piece of mind, it’s protection for all causes of loss. Its very easy to misplace or even have your valuables stolen. We had another insured last week that lost a single diamond out of her ring. Because she had it scheduled on her homeowners policy, she was protected. The best part, generally speaking, is you can choose a separate deductible, which can be zero with many companies for your jewelry claim. Also, by scheduling it, you are not subject to the perils of the policy, so whatever happens to the ring, it is covered! Our couple got lucky in their instance because they found it. They especially got lucky because our insured joked that after the turkey she would have to go looking in some not so fun places…...