Ready for Round Two!

By Amy Streifel
Round two is upon us. This time I feel way more prepared in moving my daughter into her dorm for her second year of college. We know what things to take and not to take. I know now not to micro manage setting up her room, because she will redo it the minute I leave anyway. We for sure know that we may have over packed a bit last time as we ended up bringing home a car load that wouldn't fit. One of the most important things to consider when settling into your new residence hall, apartment or condo is renters insurance. Why, you may ask? Students can bring thousands of dollars worth of possessions to school, from electronics to books to laptops and even furniture. Taking an inventory is a must If I have learned anything from having a college student, its that belongings mysteriously go missing a lot. I've also learned that kids sometimes come home with their roommates clothes on….I don’t ask questions. With people in and out of dorm rooms all the time, its very important to have protections for those belongings. About half of all on campus crimes involve bur-glary. Whether it’s a classroom theft, someone stealing from your dorm room or a break in at your campus apartment, the result is the same. Unless your stuff is properly insured, you’ll have to pay to replace it. There are a couple of different ways to do so. Dorm insurance is an option with come carriers as well as a renters policy. A standard renters policy includes liability and personal property coverage, and you can tailor your policy to get the coverage that your individual needs call for. And don’t forget your car! Your personal belongings are covered even if they are in your car. Your personal belongings are NOT covered under your auto insurance. Lots of students basically live in their cars, carrying electronics and other valuables with them daily. Or if you are like my kids, a pound of garbage. Check with your agent to make sure you have the right cover-ages for you!

Keep safe with these tips:
1. Lock the door!
2. Do not leave valuables lying out in the open.
3. Understand what people target.
4. Limit the valuables you bring to school
5. Lock expensive items up.