By Amy Streifel
Its scary to see fires in the headlines. Whether it’s a business or a home, fires can be devastating. For that reason alone, I have always taught my children the importance of fire safety and am very diligent of what to do in an emergency. I have a smoke detector in every room and practice fire escapes with the kids. I have also led by example when it comes to fire safety. One example a few years ago, I happened to be driving in the country when I saw a smoke ring in the distance. So, I did what every nosy person usually does, I drove towards the smoke to check out the situation. In doing so I saw from a distance there was a fire out in the middle of a field. Being the helpful person I am, I called 911 to report the fire. After I found out that it was actually a controlled burn put on by the firemen, I felt a little foolish, but it still was a teaching moment for my kids. I reiterate to my family, help whenever you can as long as you are safe. We are not risking any lives saving stuffed animals.
If you should come up to a fire what should you do? Do not do what I did by going towards it. Stay away and call for help. Know how to safely operate a fire extinguisher. This is a fun lesson I just taught my kids. The priority when discovering a fire must always be to evacuate the premises.