Western ReCreations

Do you have an old piece of furniture that needs some western flare added? Check out the work Tammy Tollefson does as a hobby! Tammy launched Western ReCreations in Churches Ferry, ND five years ago to keep her hobbies alive and now the hobby has turned into quite a list of projects that leads to some late nights in the shop! Tammy visits about 6 markets a year in North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota. They have pieces on hand but also take in custom orders. However, the list is long so if you have something in mind, better to get on the list now. You can never rush an artist if you want a true piece of art!
Some of the pieces Tammy has worked on date 100 years old and her hope is that they live on 100+ more. As she is working with a piece, she likes to think about the stories it could tell. She said, "if these pieces could talk, think of all they could tell." Throughout all the restoring they use leather, hair on leather, and Navaho blankets. They use a lot of turquoise, fringe, and buttons to give every piece its unique flare. With the wood, it is sealed with three coats of clear sealant, so the new owner has basic care requirements which is such a treat! The best way to get in touch with Tammy is through Western ReCreations Facebook page. Here are a few pieces but you will have to explore the page for more.