Business Spotlight

"We are a group of people who came together to give Harvey a restaurant," said Melissa Faul when I asked her what she wanted the people to know about Hometown Tavern. This new restaurant has a dynamic model with a rotation of cooks in the back throughout the week, but each person involved had an intense urgency to make this happen! The nightly menus look something like this:
Mondays are Burger Nights with Melissa & Kennedy there to visit with!
Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays – Just Good BBQ is preparing the cuisine.
Wednesdays features our well-known cook, the fabulous -Jess.
Saturdays is a fine dining experience with Scott Fronk .
Sundays are always a Fun Menu Surprise with Melissa & Kennedy.
They are open from 4-8 PM for dinner, but they also have breakfast Monday – Friday 7-10 AM with Amy Bollingberg!
This model is unique, and it is working because people are finding a balance, and they are not burning themselves out. They keep it fun & light as they bring honor to Old Harvey from the inside out! Be sure to stop in, check out their photos of Old Harvey while you enjoy the food & company.